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Day 2: Knots and flies

Today, still waiting for the fishing opener (tomorrow), and while the rain pattered on the metal roof of the lodge and fly-tying room, the students put their heads down and listened, learned and got to work.

We started the morning with an overview of yesterday and some tips on preparing for a day in the field. Then, Pete the manager here at Kulik, came back to give a bear safety presentation and video. After lunch and a quick discussion on what trout like to eat, the hard work began.

Students broke into two groups to learn essential knots and how to tie the flies they’ll need for the week. While this can be tedious work, the urgency was clear: if their leaders aren’t prepared and flies aren’t tied, they won’t have anything to use for fishing.

With this in mind, the students focused on their new skills. They learned, practiced, memorized and taught one another from 1p.m. until dinner. After dinner, we had a short presentation then they got back to work.

It was quite impressive. After 6+ hours of hard work, it looks like the students’ brains are full of skills they’ll use while guiding, and they are now ready for fishing opener tomorrow.


Lots of focus prepping flies for tomorrow.


A few of the many knots covered.


Justin works on a blood knot.


Looking at flies on the river to answer, “what do trout like to eat?”

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