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Small creeks spawn big memories

We loaded the float plane shortly after 8:00 am. Sharolynn and David, two students from the Bristol Bay River Academy, were scheduled to spend for the entire day with myself and a guide fishing a small creek deep in the heart of Katmai National Park.

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Day 2: Knots and flies

Students broke into two groups to learn essential knots and how to tie the flies they’ll need for the week. While this can be tedious work, the urgency was clear: if their leaders aren’t prepared and flies aren’t tied, they won’t have anything to use for fishing.

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Day One: You can be great guides.

“You’re here because you have key knowledge that will make you excellent sport fishing guides on your home waters,” they were told. But they were also forewarned: being well-versed in many components of guiding and the industry are needed before making that a reality.

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2015 Academy by the Numbers

As the instructors finish up lesson plans, students are en route to the Academy. Before we get started, here's an overview of a few Academy stats and figures.

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