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10-Year Anniversary Logo Contest!

We are looking for a new visual identity and we need your help. We are seeking former students, anglers, and community members who can design a creative, innovative and lasting logo design.

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2017 Academy: A success!

A second-year student, Logan Ball, sent us the following story from the 2017 Academy:

I had the most wonderful time at the academy. I made some great friends while I was there and learned so much! I was a second year student this year and being such I got to spend more time with the guides, they taught us a lot of things like how to inflate and set up rafts and drive boats (even though most of us already knew how to 😉). On our first day of fishing, the second year students got to raft down the river with some of the guides, it was a beautiful day, we caught tons of fish and got to learn how to row. It was amazing and probably my favorite day the whole time I was there!

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 7.24.41 AM

Second year students rafting at the Academy. Shiann (front), Aubrey (middle) and Rylie (back). Photo by Shiann

Another one of my favorite stories was on our second day of fishing, that day I was fishing with [instructor] Chris Little and [student] Justin Dye and we were wading the river. We had been catching tons of fish all day, but it was getting later and we had to get going, so we cast one last time and Justin and I both got a fish on! We landed our fish at the same time and they were both beautiful 20 inch rainbows, it was amazing!


Make it a double! Photo by Chris Litte

I would just like to thank everyone that made this academy possible, I had the most amazing time!

-Logan Ball



Grads: ready for the next step?

Graduates, if you are serious about pursuing Guiding in Bristol Bay and will be at least 17 years old by June 2017, then email Jenny to get your Advanced Academy application today.

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2017 application period is OPEN

Tell your neighbors, tell your friends! We are now accepting applications for the 2017 Bristol Bay Fly Fishing and Guide Academy. This year, we'll be in Kokhanok at Intricate Bay Lodge from June 4-11, 2017.

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Client day 2016!

Client Day of the Bristol Bay Fly Fishing and Guide Academy is here. Today, the local youth of this rural region of Southwest Alaska will show off the new skills they’ve learned throughout the week. This year, we’re at Mission Lodge on Lake Aleknagik in the heart of Bristol Bay’s world-class salmon country.

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Day 5: Practicing for client day

Sunny weather beckoning, three float planes lined up at the dock, shore lunches packed and new Orvis gear donned, the group was more than ready for another big day on the water. The students were told that today was their last big trip before they'd guide their client. Given this, they set to work (and play too, let's be honest) ensuring they are ready to show their clients how to bring in a fish safely and while having lots of fun on Client Day.

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Day 4: Making experts

It was fairly hard to break the news to our group that we didn't get to go fishing on Day 4. The boats were tied up with other things and mostly, we had lots of really important stuff to go over with the group.

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Day 3: Gone fishin’

Historically, day three of the Academy is when the students come alive. They've gotten to know everyone's names, they've got the basics of fly fishing down, they're not shy around the instructors and after many hours in the classroom, they are SO ready to get out on the water.

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Day 2: knots, flies & casting 101

The second day of the Academy is when we get down to business. Here's a glimpse into this action-packed day.

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Day 1: What we knew, what we forgot, what we didn’t anticipate

As I type, Mission Lodge is buzzing. Forks are clanking, students are laughing. Someone just asked, "where are you from again?"(New Stuyahok, he answered). It smells like pizza, and I'm slurping down a Coke knowing we have a night of activities ahead - and the long days of June in Alaska will allow for them.

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