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Grads: ready for the next step?

Did you impress your client on client day?

Did you master your cast and have a knack for explaining it to others?

Do you look forward to picking out that perfect fly that you know will help land a fish?

Most importantly…

Does the idea of helping someone catch a fish on a fly rod make you really excited?

Then we hope you’ll pursue guiding in Bristol Bay even further!

In 2017, we will again be offering the Advanced Bristol Bay Fly Fishing & Guide Academy at Intricate Bay Lodge from June 4-11, right along with our standard Academy for first time students. The difference is, as an Advanced student, you will be expected to help out with teaching in addition to completing a few surprise requirements throughout the week. But, if you are passionate about helping others learn to fly fish and having a safe and good time on the water – then you’re just the one we’re looking for!

So Graduates, if you are serious about pursuing guiding in Bristol Bay and will be at least 17 years old by June 2017, then email Jenny to get your Advanced Academy application. She can be reached at jweis [at] tu [dot] org. Hope you are having a good winter season.

Bonus points to students who show up with a fly box full of their own creations 😉

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